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July 10, 2012 Posted by

Payments section is one of the crucial elements of any company that includes monetary transactions and automating this billing section has always gained wide spread acceptance. Customer billing software has been developed by many companies, which will help in provisioning electronic charging, precise record servicing and faster dealings. As internet obtained such an endemic spread across the planet, the number of goods and services provided via the internet saw a surge. Therefore online billing software has grown up to be a necessity for any company running an online business.

iScripts EasyBiller is one such secure online billing software that offers a vivid array of features. It is a fast, reliable and efficient billing solution designed for the service industry. Such online billing software programs fit in as perfect solution for web hosting companies, subscript websites, answering websites, IT firms and other e-commerce business types. Created from open source scripting languages like PHP, the scalability and flexibility offered by the open source billing software is immense. Since the source code is not encrypted, the application can be tailored in any manner that best fit in for your business necessities. The script can even be customized to include only certain features required by your business or it can be easily integrated to an existing environment.

The application is developed to support online purchasing, client control or customer management, and invoicing and helpdesk control. Supporting as multi-purpose application, the practicality of choosing online billing software is very much feasible. For any charging application, the most vital feature would be to support multiple bill plans. The web based billing software application should be developed in such a way that it can assist a persistent charging program, an annual charging or even a one-time invoicing program. This ability to be flexible with any type of billing would definitely draw client popularity and thereby ensure business expansion.

Security of transactions has always been in question when it comes to e-commerce websites and other online market places. The billing software which is created from open source scripting languages like PHP is integrated with secure protocols that will ensure high security to the transactions involved. Also the software is set to support multiple payment gateways including PayPal, and even process cash on delivery transaction and credit card payment as well. In order to process credit card payments, the host is required to run a secure server. Since the source code is unencrypted, host can always modify the application to best suit their requirements.

The highly effective user interface offered by this program allows you to have complete control over your web page information. The program usually operates as a common control area which will co-ordinate all activities associated with any financial deal via the web page. Some of the online charging software like iScripts EasyBiller, comes with a helpdesk program. This helpdesk program helps the coordinator to best answer and work together client concerns. Also the program allows account control by the customers themselves, a function that is well valued by the customers.

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