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Empower your helpdesk team with automated helpdesk application

July 31, 2012 Posted by

One of the greatest challenges confronted by any products or services agency is handling their client concerns effectively and guaranteeing the customers are satisfied with the service! Managing client concerns is the most delicate part of any business. You never know what the client anticipations is and it is not that easy to satisfy the same. Most companies have recognized a helpdesk team to deal with client concerns alone. However as the number of concerns improved, it became even more difficult for the groups to deal with, in an immediate and precise way. Hence the need for a computerized client handling procedure came up. This need led to the development of customized helpdesk software.

Helpdesk software is designed to automate the different activities followed in processing a customer request. Right from picking up a customer ticket and ensuring its satisfactory closure, all activities are well tracked and organized by helpdesk software. The enhancement it brings about in the helpdesk system of the company is huge. Increase in efficiency and productivity of the team is one remarkable change brought about in the business by the online helpdesk software. There are several notifications and alerts integrated to helpdesk software that will prompt the engineers to pick up tickets raised by customers on time. It enables the engineers to stick to the service level agreements. Customers always appreciate their queries being answered promptly.

Helpdesk system is capable of doing projects which range from simple occurrence control to complicated incident managing techniques. The system will perfectly monitor the various factors of a request ticket managing process. Details on the client contact history, awaiting tickets, issue concern, transfer to next level of support and more can be easily utilized with the help of a helpdesk application. It will act as an anchorman of connections for the end users. Certain programs have expertise connected to it which maintains details about the products or services and most common problems associated with the same. Information platform allows clients clear their simpler questions themselves, without having to raise problem ticket as such. Helpdesk application can be incorporated with a devoted web hosting server and thus enable the company to offer a 24/7 assistance center for the clients. The end-to-end monitoring process of a help desk system allows in precise report generation of the support team. Customers can keep a record of their problems with the help of a helpdesk application.

Technical engineers can utilize required information to assist a client in an immediate manner by using a helpdesk application. For the control or the company, it provides as the purpose of a monitoring tool to evaluate the performance of their assistance function. Thus applying a helpdesk application allows the clients, engineers and the company to have their own advantages accompanied as such in different ways.

iScripts Supprotdesk is an open source  helpdesk software that can be easily integrated to your existing business website or can be used to implement a fresh helpdesk system. It comes with an outstanding array of features that help enhancing your helpdesk functionalities. The unencrypted code can be tailored to best fit into your business. Coming with a feature packed admin panel, reinforced security protocols, efficient ticket management system and support tools, and the application is well suited for any scale of business.

Why Choose Free Hosting Solutions?

July 16, 2012 Posted by

Web hosting is one of those technological innovations that obtained a rapid progression due to the surprising e-commerce boom. Powerful web pages with high end performance and stability became one of those key achievements aspect for any company whether off-line or online. As the technology obtained a surprising succeed, obtaining web hosting server areas for web sites turned out to be another e-commerce division.

The reason behind enterprises sticking on to free web hosting service cannot be just the cost factor. Looking at advantages of using a free cpanel hosting system might help us to understand that question better. Freedom of code is one key advantage behind choosing a free service provider. You get to understand every minute intricacies associate with web server hosting and maintenance. If utilized well, it would be the best platform for educational institutions to teach their students about web hosting and server management in detail.

You will not really have to spend a penny to share your thoughts in web blogs or sites for private information giving. Free hosts would be the best choice for such individual sites. Initially the free cpanel hosting services were associated with distressing ads and ads showing in your web page without your approval. However, as the competition increased, companies came forward with solutions with attractive functions, one of which was free webspace with no ads.

Free hosting solutions constitute a seamless platform for learning. It helps the user to have better understanding about web design, file management, database integration, web server hosting and other associated maintenances. This knowledge helps in knowing how better we can deliver enriched web content and images to the website.

For paid services, there is always limitation on how much area can be used, preference of ads, licensing issues and so on. However free web hosting and support offers enough web space for your web page operation and you can increase the space limitlessly as and when necessary. The companies even provide custom designs or templates with which you can easily build up your web page.

With huge sensation in the internet market, web hosting companies developed across the world offering more and more features in web hosting technique.  However, as in every business the free web hosting service achieved massive fame owing to nothing but the zero cost feature. But it’s not just the zero cost factors that gained free web hosting service such a stipulation in the market. It’s of course with the advantages of flexibility, ease of use, learning purpose and cost effectiveness that led to the success of this business.

How To Effectively Satisfy Customers With Live Chat Software?

May 16, 2012 Posted by

Customer support has become an essential part of any industry. They face the customers and hence their way of conduct is quite significant to the business. But at times the means of contact plays a key role. Customers won’t be pleased to be on hold for hours. Also they won’t like the extended response times taken against a ticket raised by them or an email send to the support team. There are business ratings based on customer satisfaction levels. So it’s quite important to keep up the tempo.

Live support provided on the website itself has many advantages over the other medium of support including phone or email support. The highly personalized experience provided by the chat support is a main advantage. The customer is able to interact with a live agent. Since the support team is able to switch multiple chat windows simultaneously, they are able to respond to more than one customer at a time. Live chat windows with desktop sharing properties enhance the customer experience even more by walking them through the procedures.

With the help of live chat rooms, this turnaround time is nil, as the customer is in touch with a live agent instantly. An average customer query is answered swiftly and the research for a complex one is made easier by having access to other informational websites along with the chat sessions.

Live chat support is an effective remote support solution as it’s usually a 24/7 support environment. This adds to business being global. Irrespective of time zones or other geographical barriers, customers are able to avail support from the provider.

The cost effectiveness of keeping a live chat support is vast when compared to owning an exclusive toll free number to get in touch with the support team. There are fewer amounts spent on the support infrastructure. The lingual distinction or cultural divergence will not come into light much while using a live chat support. The agents are allowed to use custom scripts and the chat sessions are prone to quality assurance measures. The tracking system involved in chat sessions is helpful in collecting market details or trends among the customers. Live chat support is found to be an effective remote support solution.

Linux server admin for you

November 22, 2008 Posted by

So you got new dedicated server. Great. by the way did the hosting company told you are on your own. When you had your shared hosting account you could go to the hosting company to all sorts of help. Now you need to manage the security, patches, modules etc.. on your server. if you feel little overwhelmed by task, we can help you. we will watch your server round the clock with real humans and respond immediately. We will install any patches, upgrades for your servers. if you need any software, modules installs on your server, we will do it for you. In short, we will be your admin on duty 24/7 without the hefty price tag.  We will pro-actively manage your windows or linux server. If you have large fleet of servers ( like a hosting company, data center ) we can manage them for you too. We will do remote server management for one server or 1000 servers.