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Ad Free Web Hosting – Increase Your Website Worth

October 9, 2012 Posted by

Though advertisements are in fact the biggest revenue source from the internet, it could be a sore in the eye at times. When you want to host some exclusive websites such as a brand website detailing about the history, services and products of the brand, you would not want 3rd party company advertisements to plague your website’s landing page. This is when you could use banner free hosting services to get rid of 3rd party advertisements. A banner free hosting service would be similar to a normal hosting service with the exception that clients using it would be rendered a hosting service that does not bombard the hosted website with advertisements unless they prefer to have them on board. If such a website is up and running as a brand website, then people are likely to find it interesting to use it and conduct business transactions via the website which is crucial for the company. An ad free web hosting service should not however compromise on any convenience provided by a typical hosting service online.

The facilities that such a service should provide include storage facilities for user data and other related data from the website with varying storage option, reliable connection to the internet, powerful and necessary bandwidth to accommodate ever increasing user traffic, custom email, domain registration services and so on. The list is nearly endless. Also the ad free web hosting service should ensure that no pop-ups or unwanted text based ads float around in the web page. Such measures would definitely cut the time users would have to spend otherwise by closing these pop ups and ads.

So a banner free hosting service provides a number of useful services for a website which makes it a preferred choice among website owners who need efficient and hassle free website hosting without having to deal with advertisements and banners. So how exactly do you select a hosting service suited for your business which also prevents wasteful advertisements and pop ups from emerging in your website. There are several hosting service providers who claim to offer free web hosting services. Just think about the logic behind such services. Would anyone offer an opportunity to make a huge fortune for free? Such services would flood your website with banner advertisements, pop-ups and other irritating menaces which would prove to be a nightmare for visitors to your website. As such it is wise to stay away from these free services and opt for a reliable and banner free hosting service that is made available to you at a reasonable price. It is not that expensive to get an ad free web hosting service and you can definitely find the investment worthy in the long run.

So now that you have understood the true potential of an ad free web hosting service, it is time you started thinking about shifting over to such a reliable service if you are still clinging onto free hosting services that bombard your websites landing page with ads.

Setting up a Hosting Business Using Hosting Software Applications

October 3, 2012 Posted by

The internet is definitely the place where you should invest on if you plan to become a successful entrepreneur on your own. With minimal resources, you could set up a flourishing online business enterprise and there are turnkey solutions to assist you all through the time and hence you need not depend too much on other technical staff and human resources. You could start your own web hosting company with the help of several hosting software applications available online. Many of these offer live demonstration of how the software actually works while you run it. And you can get complete solution that help with basic hosting tasks.

Before going into the specialized specifications with regards to application programs for automation, you should make sure that you have the necessary hardware facilities and connectivity and network stability to ensure websites run smoothly on your service. You need to have a regular back-up remedy to restore crucial information in the event of a problem which may either be due to a man made mistake or a natural disaster. Whatever be the reason, your customers would anticipate the assistance offered by you to be efficient and disaster recovery is an inevitable part of a hosting business. After the necessary components specifications are met, all you need is to get your arms on a highly effective and well designed web hosting software. It is wise to go in for an open source software applications as it would be devoid of all the complexities and license issues for customization which would have popped up in the case of 3rd party owned hosting software applications.

In order for clients to use your hosting portal to host their website, they should pay you a fee for the hosting facility. Hence you need to offer competitive rates because there would be several other hosting options for your customer and it is vital that he or she has the impression or gets the impression that your hosting service is the best out there. In order to charge clients for the service provided you would require a billing software as well. However rather than having to acquire softwares for each and every single department you might as well check out the several web hosting billing software applications which integrate all functionalities of a powerful hosting software and the features and tools needed for billing customers for the service rendered. It is a kind of all in one solution. Make sure you go for an Open Source variant of such a software combo as well because of the benefits we mentioned earlier.

So as you can see, there is a tremendous business prospective for an online web hosting company and with the help of hosting billing software applications, it is quite possible for you to get one up and running with relative ease.