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Empower your helpdesk team with automated helpdesk application

July 31, 2012 Posted by

One of the greatest challenges confronted by any products or services agency is handling their client concerns effectively and guaranteeing the customers are satisfied with the service! Managing client concerns is the most delicate part of any business. You never know what the client anticipations is and it is not that easy to satisfy the same. Most companies have recognized a helpdesk team to deal with client concerns alone. However as the number of concerns improved, it became even more difficult for the groups to deal with, in an immediate and precise way. Hence the need for a computerized client handling procedure came up. This need led to the development of customized helpdesk software.

Helpdesk software is designed to automate the different activities followed in processing a customer request. Right from picking up a customer ticket and ensuring its satisfactory closure, all activities are well tracked and organized by helpdesk software. The enhancement it brings about in the helpdesk system of the company is huge. Increase in efficiency and productivity of the team is one remarkable change brought about in the business by the online helpdesk software. There are several notifications and alerts integrated to helpdesk software that will prompt the engineers to pick up tickets raised by customers on time. It enables the engineers to stick to the service level agreements. Customers always appreciate their queries being answered promptly.

Helpdesk system is capable of doing projects which range from simple occurrence control to complicated incident managing techniques. The system will perfectly monitor the various factors of a request ticket managing process. Details on the client contact history, awaiting tickets, issue concern, transfer to next level of support and more can be easily utilized with the help of a helpdesk application. It will act as an anchorman of connections for the end users. Certain programs have expertise connected to it which maintains details about the products or services and most common problems associated with the same. Information platform allows clients clear their simpler questions themselves, without having to raise problem ticket as such. Helpdesk application can be incorporated with a devoted web hosting server and thus enable the company to offer a 24/7 assistance center for the clients. The end-to-end monitoring process of a help desk system allows in precise report generation of the support team. Customers can keep a record of their problems with the help of a helpdesk application.

Technical engineers can utilize required information to assist a client in an immediate manner by using a helpdesk application. For the control or the company, it provides as the purpose of a monitoring tool to evaluate the performance of their assistance function. Thus applying a helpdesk application allows the clients, engineers and the company to have their own advantages accompanied as such in different ways.

iScripts Supprotdesk is an open source  helpdesk software that can be easily integrated to your existing business website or can be used to implement a fresh helpdesk system. It comes with an outstanding array of features that help enhancing your helpdesk functionalities. The unencrypted code can be tailored to best fit into your business. Coming with a feature packed admin panel, reinforced security protocols, efficient ticket management system and support tools, and the application is well suited for any scale of business.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Outsourcing The Technical Support

July 24, 2012 Posted by

Outsourcing critical and non critical requirements of the business has gained such a wide spread acceptance and is influenced by many factors. Affordability was one among the excellent reason for choosing outsourcing various business requirements. As the option for quality sources improved, crucial company procedures like technical support also started to be outsourced. Taking a decision on whether tech assistance team should be outsourced or not is very crucial. For that, you have to have no shocks about the pros and cons associated with technical support outsourcing, how to select a good service provider and whether you would be helped from outsourcing.

There are numerous advantages accompanied in outsourcing a business process. Money saving is one of the key advantage of outsourcing any business process. Service providers offer human resource with high quality and greater experience to work on your product at a far less cost when compared to the native engineers. You don’t have to worry about the back office work associated with employee management and compensation. It’s all taken care of by the service provider themselves. And there is no need to set any kind of infrastructure to house the engineers. Infrastructure management is a major contributor towards a company’s annual budget. By careful analysis of the existing business system, understanding the feasibility of outsourcing a process and choosing the right provider can always help you make outsourcing beneficial to your business.

A wonderful thing about offshore outsourcing is that you can eliminate the difficulties of time zone difference or any geographical restrictions. You can offer the client a 24/7 system of tech assistance team by freelancing it to a popular company. Anytime assistance will definitely grab client appreciation and thus add on to the company profit by saving your money. The engineers from outsourcing team would be of ample expertise in their areas which further increases the client assistance offered. They would be able to answer client queries in an immediate manner and fix issues quickly. Outsourcing tech assistance team or other company process markets the risk associated with company maintenance and thus enabling you to focus on other core company activities.

There would be pros and cons associated with any systems. Outsourcing technical support is also accompanied by certain disadvantages. Security is the top concern raised in terms of outsourcing business process. Since the outsourced engineer have access to various parts of the business system, chances are high the data being leaked. Confidential information if leaked to a competitor can adversely affect the business. If the service quality offered is not meeting the standards, you will have to switch service provider and start the process from scratch. If the service provider shuts down also the situation is same. If the agreement made between the service provider and yourself is not clearly defining all the process being handed over, it can end up in you paying a lot more than what was expected. Thus the cost effectiveness can change into a different situation.

Why Choose Free PHP Web Hosting Service

July 19, 2012 Posted by

Web hosting has obtained tremendous importance in the e-commerce world. An established website has become a key factor in business achievements. But operating a web hosting server for each and every range of company is not possible. As the number of web hosting solutions improved along with the need, website hosting became one of the most affordable solutions that can be acquired. Out of the various server side scripting methodologies used in web hosting, the most cost effective on was found to be free PHP web hosting. PHP is free and open source code with abundant reference libraries available in the internet. Though it is the cost factor that paved way to the establishment of PHP as a hosting methodology, there are a number of other reasons as well.

The active web contents and innovative designs offer a higher degree of user experience.  PHP hosting as a server side scripting technology offers outstanding features to your website that has caused an increased demand of the same. PHP forms a critical layer for the LAMP architecture used in web design and custom application development. Being an open source technology has always kept PHP a widely approved platform for custom web application development. Its seamless connectivity with MySQL, Apache and Linux has paved way to the development of stupendous web pages.

Since PHP can integrate the most advanced security protocols, the level of protection offered will also be high. PHP hosting ensures data integrity and availability. It can be referred to as one of those free and open source technologies that take effective measures against internet threats and malicious attacks. The ability to interpret an extensive range of functions and commands in PHP scripts which is comparatively easier is a key advantage. PHP is considered to be an easy to learn programming language. The strong PHP community is always available with new code updates, easy bug fixing and thus quicker resolutions. Another significant benefit of free PHP hosting is the flexibility factor. Web sites have the capability to run on any platform including Linux, Windows or OS X. And it’s easy to migrate websites written in ASP.Net and Perl like languages to PHP due to the similarity in coding and structure. PHP hosting is can be used to host an entirely new website or can be used to migrate an existing one.

Last but not the least; free PHP hosting service would be one of the best choices if you are in look out for a cost effective business solution. Of course the zero cost factors play an important role for small to medium scale enterprises that runs on constrained budgets. With such an open source technology like PHP you do save money in terms of upgradation, licensing, scalability and installation charges.

Why Choose Free Hosting Solutions?

July 16, 2012 Posted by

Web hosting is one of those technological innovations that obtained a rapid progression due to the surprising e-commerce boom. Powerful web pages with high end performance and stability became one of those key achievements aspect for any company whether off-line or online. As the technology obtained a surprising succeed, obtaining web hosting server areas for web sites turned out to be another e-commerce division.

The reason behind enterprises sticking on to free web hosting service cannot be just the cost factor. Looking at advantages of using a free cpanel hosting system might help us to understand that question better. Freedom of code is one key advantage behind choosing a free service provider. You get to understand every minute intricacies associate with web server hosting and maintenance. If utilized well, it would be the best platform for educational institutions to teach their students about web hosting and server management in detail.

You will not really have to spend a penny to share your thoughts in web blogs or sites for private information giving. Free hosts would be the best choice for such individual sites. Initially the free cpanel hosting services were associated with distressing ads and ads showing in your web page without your approval. However, as the competition increased, companies came forward with solutions with attractive functions, one of which was free webspace with no ads.

Free hosting solutions constitute a seamless platform for learning. It helps the user to have better understanding about web design, file management, database integration, web server hosting and other associated maintenances. This knowledge helps in knowing how better we can deliver enriched web content and images to the website.

For paid services, there is always limitation on how much area can be used, preference of ads, licensing issues and so on. However free web hosting and support offers enough web space for your web page operation and you can increase the space limitlessly as and when necessary. The companies even provide custom designs or templates with which you can easily build up your web page.

With huge sensation in the internet market, web hosting companies developed across the world offering more and more features in web hosting technique.  However, as in every business the free web hosting service achieved massive fame owing to nothing but the zero cost feature. But it’s not just the zero cost factors that gained free web hosting service such a stipulation in the market. It’s of course with the advantages of flexibility, ease of use, learning purpose and cost effectiveness that led to the success of this business.

Turnkey Open Source PHP Scripts – Design & Develop Your Website Right Away

July 13, 2012 Posted by

PHP is the most used open source scripting language for web development. PHP has been commonly recognized by web developers as a result of the several different benefits it owned and operated. The key functions of price, protection, scalability and interoperability provided by PHP, made it outrun competition within no time since its encroachment. Performing as a server side script, PHP achieved an outstanding part in the LAMP structure used in web development. With a number of editions launched with the best possible up-dates, php scripts are always enjoying the most innovative web technological innovation ever since it stepped into the market.

PHP is the scripting language created and maintained by a powerful community comprising of expert developers and designers. A feature that you intend to create for the business website might have already been created by the community in the form of a turnkey software script and hence makes your job easy. Also, the support offered is very much impressive as the community is always active with the experts updating codes and releasing new patches. This anytime accessibility of the source code makes these web scripts most acknowledged.

Since code is open or unencrypted, these scripts can be designed to best fit your company specifications. This competence to modify the program makes it an effective development technology. It allows sleek development of your company with customization to the program being used. It is regarded as the most simple to understand scripting language. It has great deal of likeness with dialects like C and Perl. This further allows simple incorporation of systems designed up in those dialects to be regenerated or synched using PHP programs.

Open source PHP scripts form the building block of the so called LAMP architecture used in web development. LAMP representing Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (can also by Python or Perl), is most widely used as website creation and hosting architecture. And PHP forms the P- part of LAMP. PHP interacts with the client and server side, fetching data from server side upon client request. It possesses the quality of ease of implementation as a result of the better understanding. Security of open source languages has always been questioned. However being open source is the greatest advantage possessed by open source software development. The code is being used and reviewed by many users on a daily basis. This increases the chances of identifying flaws and bugs associated with code. Apart from this, open source php scripts can be easily integrated with secure transaction protocols which make them best for eCommerce website builder.

Free PHP program provides high level of interoperability. It can be implemented with any system without having to make any changes to the current program. No components or application upgradation is needed to run open source php program. Looking at all the key functions it obvious that using php programs decreases the cost of development, servicing and support of sites. Thus reasonable pricing is one of those biggest benefits of using open source php programs.

Automate Your Customer Billing & Simplify Your Life

July 10, 2012 Posted by

Payments section is one of the crucial elements of any company that includes monetary transactions and automating this billing section has always gained wide spread acceptance. Customer billing software has been developed by many companies, which will help in provisioning electronic charging, precise record servicing and faster dealings. As internet obtained such an endemic spread across the planet, the number of goods and services provided via the internet saw a surge. Therefore online billing software has grown up to be a necessity for any company running an online business.

iScripts EasyBiller is one such secure online billing software that offers a vivid array of features. It is a fast, reliable and efficient billing solution designed for the service industry. Such online billing software programs fit in as perfect solution for web hosting companies, subscript websites, answering websites, IT firms and other e-commerce business types. Created from open source scripting languages like PHP, the scalability and flexibility offered by the open source billing software is immense. Since the source code is not encrypted, the application can be tailored in any manner that best fit in for your business necessities. The script can even be customized to include only certain features required by your business or it can be easily integrated to an existing environment.

The application is developed to support online purchasing, client control or customer management, and invoicing and helpdesk control. Supporting as multi-purpose application, the practicality of choosing online billing software is very much feasible. For any charging application, the most vital feature would be to support multiple bill plans. The web based billing software application should be developed in such a way that it can assist a persistent charging program, an annual charging or even a one-time invoicing program. This ability to be flexible with any type of billing would definitely draw client popularity and thereby ensure business expansion.

Security of transactions has always been in question when it comes to e-commerce websites and other online market places. The billing software which is created from open source scripting languages like PHP is integrated with secure protocols that will ensure high security to the transactions involved. Also the software is set to support multiple payment gateways including PayPal, and even process cash on delivery transaction and credit card payment as well. In order to process credit card payments, the host is required to run a secure server. Since the source code is unencrypted, host can always modify the application to best suit their requirements.

The highly effective user interface offered by this program allows you to have complete control over your web page information. The program usually operates as a common control area which will co-ordinate all activities associated with any financial deal via the web page. Some of the online charging software like iScripts EasyBiller, comes with a helpdesk program. This helpdesk program helps the coordinator to best answer and work together client concerns. Also the program allows account control by the customers themselves, a function that is well valued by the customers.