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Why do companies outsource their server management activities?

April 5, 2012 Posted by

Information technology has been making transforming advancements. With these rapid developments, maintenance of the IT infrastructure has become double the cost. The expense include providing required infrastructure support to manage the servers, hiring qualified professionals , providing them with ample work environment, managing human resource and other back office work handling.

Outsourcing became an effective solution to these constraints associated with managing the servers. The western business world is more interested in outsourcing their linux server management with the Asian countries. The reason behind is the huge difference in currency exchange rates which adds to their profit. Server management is quite expensive as well as risky. Business organizations that have a greater focus on outcome rather than procedures choose to outsource their server management. There are several advantages of remote server administration.

Remote server administration is found to be the most time saving practice. Outsourcing offers around the clock support as the teams usually work in a 24/7 work environment.Server monitoring, maintenance and repair all tasks are outsourced usually. You get the advantage of full time monitoring of the server, maintenance and repair performed during the off peak times due to the time zone difference of the server users and the outsourced teams. Time saved can be utilized for other core business development activities. The uptimes and availability are all ensured by the outsourced offshore team. Getting quality service at the best price is the main advantage of outsourcing.

Availability of human resource with matching skill set is yet another advantage of outsourced team, when compared to native resources. The cost involved in hiring skilled personal, providing them with training on remote server administration tools and techniques, creating the required work environment and managing their payment and other requirements are all saved by outsourcing the remote server administration.Technology advancements are rapid, and it’s quite expensive to implement changes to the infrastructure as and when required. This cost is also rectified by outsourcing.

After all, the expertise of the outsourced team would be immense. So an average turnaround time for a normal question would be very less compared to a new native engineer. The knowledge base available with such an experienced team would be huge, that the usual queries would be answered in no time. All this experience and knowledge comes to your business with no additional charges.

Server monitoring, maintenance and repair is a full time job and requires professionals who are that passionate about server administration. Servers are required to run even when the client offices are not working. There for outsourcing server administration to network operation centers that work on a 24/7 atmosphere adds value to the system. It’s often quite difficult to find native professionals who have the right attitude to work in such an environment. Operational risk involved in outsourcing is less or distributed. Even during the event of resource unavailability.

Moreover, since you are the client to the outsourced team, the deal would be even better. It rather turns out to be their requirement in ensuring the smooth run.The customer satisfaction rate will go high because of the strong and professional support received from the helpdesk. It’s quite important to ensure the quality and trustworthiness of the outsourced team. Supportpro is a group of enthusiastic support engineers working from a network operation centre located in India. They offer 24/7 transparent webhosting support and remote server administration.