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Linux server admin for you

November 22, 2008 Posted by

So you got new dedicated server. Great. by the way did the hosting company told you are on your own. When you had your shared hosting account you could go to the hosting company to all sorts of help. Now you need to manage the security, patches, modules etc.. on your server. if you feel little overwhelmed by task, we can help you. we will watch your server round the clock with real humans and respond immediately. We will install any patches, upgrades for your servers. if you need any software, modules installs on your server, we will do it for you. In short, we will be your admin on duty 24/7 without the hefty price tag.  We will pro-actively manage your windows or linux server. If you have large fleet of servers ( like a hosting company, data center ) we can manage them for you too. We will do remote server management for one server or 1000 servers.