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How Non-Profit Organisations Can Benefit From Free Web Hosting Services

September 25, 2012 Posted by

Today it sounds quite crazy when someone wishes for something for free. Of course you can get something as gifts, but that pretty much wraps it up. Well if you thought that nothing in the IT industry is free, then you are gravely mistaken. Several programs mainly Open Source programs are available free of cost online. And there is more to the mix. You even have no cost hosting service providers who offer free website hosting services that help you to save considerably on hosting charges. Such gestures are very useful from the viewpoint of a Non-Profit Organisations, environmental activist group websites, free service portals such as free job portals, etc.

As such free web hosting services can be successfully implemented for such kind requirements. However do not expect much of a top quality service from such companies, but they do offer basic support and reliable platforms to run your website quite reasonably well. Not only that you get many basic facilities of premium hosting services and solutions such as free cPanel hosting, domain registration with custom email addresses for your domain, storage space for your data and many of these plans come with affordable upgrade options just in case you want a little more pumping up. With increase in traffic to your website you could easily use these premium plans to increase the storage space and bandwidth without having to shell out a fortune.

 Such free hosting service packages allow administrators of the websites to keep track of the activity in the website, get reports about the number of visitors that have paid a visit to his website, business deals if any that happened through the website and so many other valuable data pertaining to the website. As mentioned earlier, the biggest beneficiaries of free website hosting schemes are Non profit organisations as they can establish an online presence through a website which would prove beneficial for several of their causes. For example, a fund raising event can be carried out via their website and could be promoted by sharing the links to the event from their website onto popular social feeds and networks. Thus such services allow non profit organisations to freely benefit from the outreach and user influence of internet media.

Free hosting no ads service implies that you will not be troubled by persisting and rather annoying advertisements and banners that often plague several free as well as in some premium hosting services.

So now that you have understood the concept of free web hosting, you can make use of its services if your purpose is genuine and is in the interests of mankind and not for a money making business.

How You Can Succeed With A Web Hosting Business

September 20, 2012 Posted by

Today nearly every business organisation would want an online identity and what better way to establish such an existence than by creating a website to showcase their expertise and skills. So cashing in on this growing affinity for websites would be an interesting business prospect and not only is there scope for website development jobs and tasks, you can even start your very own web hosting business to make a decent income by successfully managing such a venture. If you are wondering how such a business would muster growth then just consider this fact. Nearly 60 per cent of business enterprises that want to go online would not be having a core IT competency and hence they are bound to outsource their IT projects which include website building and hosting.

Hence starting a web hosting business enterprise is valuable because you can certainly get good customers for you because of the lack of expertise business organisations face to handle their own websites. Web hosting is a complicated process and hence you may be worried about how you can achieve success. Well all you need to have is an effective web host strategy or plan and the necessary hardware and manpower skills and components to cope with the website requirements. The rest is all taken care of by software programs. You have computerized applications for nearly all of the hosting process functionalities.

You can make use of several tips provided by consulting companies that would guide you through efficient strategies to build up a dream business venture of starting a web hosting business. Many companies would have years of expertise in this field and they can guide you with effective business solutions that have been developed over the years and comprise of some of the best practices in the industry. You may have limited financial budget, but that is more than enough because such advisors can recommend you the best solutions and concepts that would increase your company’s growth ten folded within a limited period. As you are aware, the internet is the biggest source of revenue in the modern era and hence any online business if implemented properly can reap huge benefits.

Once your web hosting plan which details in brief about the specific financial funds, human sources, facilities assistance etc has been ready, you can use the assistance of service professionals to choose the best applications to help you with starting a web hosting business online. With tons of open source software applications available, you will never feel alone in your battle as they would take care of all possible complexities involved. All you need is the right guidance and with that you can succeed with a web hosting business.

Need Of An Efficient Server Migration Service

September 14, 2012 Posted by

When it comes to the IT department of a business, server migration is something that is inevitable. Data migration in server technology is required every now and then and is quite unpredictable. The scale of migration too is kind of undefined and often companies lack an effective server migration plan to transfer data and crucial information from one platform to another. There is no particular destination when it comes to migration of platforms. The most common varieties of server migration are from Windows based platform to Linux, Mainframe to Unix or Windows NT and even to Windows 2003.  Data migration services may also be required for upgradation or updating of traditional legacy systems to a more convenient and powerful computing environment.

Server migration becomes important when there is a need to standardise business process and techniques to adhere to a more solid core which is very valuable for company. The need for highly efficient and powerful computer systems as well as processing capability is also a reason for server migration. Relocating to a new foundation is often necessary to stand above competitors and provide more quality for the assistance you provide to your potential customers. As such you need to have a server migration plan kept prepared at all times. The need for modern business practices with regards to finance, employee maintenance, etc also makes it vital for server migration.

It is vital for any business organisation to invest in setting up a self hosting infrastructure or in simple terms, it should have a server of its own. Opting in for shared hosting services may be financially viable but they then your business would be criticised on having no backbone of its own. Thus business entities are fast migrating to a server environment and the need for data migration services are on the increase. Having a server of your own allows more flexible communication between your employees and integration of several departments is possible thanks to this communication link. Dedicated servers ensure that your business models are not disrupted and hence customer satisfaction levels would be high because your service models would be up and running always. Thus server migration is essential for ensuring the growth of a business organisation.

If you are concerned about the skills you posses to perform data migration, then you can entrust the job with any expert information migration company. They would have the necessary abilities with regards to human resources and facilities to offer a straight forward server migration schedule. Such organizations would adhere to a well set out server migration plan to create sure that your solutions and business procedures are not impacted negatively during the migration procedure. However entrusting such critical tasks to 3rd party companies is not without serious risks in terms of confidential data security. So you should ensure that the company you appoint has a proven track record in the industry.

As such data migration is a key trend in today’s new generation businesses and you can safely perform this migration with the help of an affective data migration service.

Why Do You Need Remote Server Monitoring Services

September 10, 2012 Posted by

Have you heard about Remote Server Monitoring Services? If not, then let us just give you a brief idea of why you need it and what exactly it does for your business. Your servers sometimes have a mind of their own which just refuses to comply with your commands. This is the time when you need experts to attend to it in order to resolve the issue. But having this assistance team of specialists attend to you every single time would mean they have to be sourced at the same office. This means they have to be employed in your company’s payroll and thereby result in escalating expenses in your budget. Sometimes the service would be needed just occasionally and hence maintaining dedicated staff for it would prove to be very expensive in the long run.

As such remote services can definitely to cut down on expenses considerably. So what exactly is remote server monitoring? Simply it is handling and managing of a server situated in a geographically different place from that of the professional tracking the server. This server monitoring assistance allows experts to control and observe your server and thereby leaving you and your team relaxed and spared off all the specialized and technical complexities that would have aroused if you were to do it in-house. This assistance in particular benefits those organizations whose primary business is not IT and hence it gives them time and human resources to focus on their key business designs while professional IT employees from another place attend to the issues in their server.

A server is something no big or small enterprise can ignore today if they want all their activities and business deals streamlined and hence the need for server monitoring service in companies becomes even more imminent. It makes sure that disrupted server operations are brought up back in no time without causing major slowdowns and service denials. This proves vital in a client centric business wherein failure to render timely customer service can ruin the entire business. Besides, having IT specialists look into the matter allows your other business activities to be carried out smoothly as your staff need not devote their time and attention to server repair or maintenance.

Using experienced IT experts in a non IT atmosphere will have its own problems besides payrolls and other financial costs for your company and hence the need for remote services to such tasks is highly appreciated. The organizations that provide a distant server tracking assistance is assured to provide professional experts and they would have the necessary software and hardware facilities to make sure that your server problems are fixed as fast as possible with little or no impact to other business services.

So now that you have understood the importance of remote server monitoring services, it is wise to opt for one especially if you want to cut down on expenses so that your budget can be used in other key areas.